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Genus: Syringa
The lilac is a genus of 20-25 species in the olive (Oleaccae) family that are native to Europe and Asia. The usual blossom color is a shade of purple, but white and pale pink are also found. Several species have strong, pleasant fragrances and combined with the beauty of the flowers, have become a very popular spring attraction. Lilacs flower on old wood and will produce more flowers if left unpruned. A pruned lilac often produces no flowers for one to five years. If pruning is required, it should be done right after flowering is finished, before next year’s flower buds are formed.
Fun fact:  The wood of the Lilac is close-grained, diffuse-porous, extremely hard and one of the densest in Europe. Lilac wood has traditionally been used for engraving, musical instruments and knife handles.


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