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Cadillac Victoria
The original Cadillac V16 model was introduced early in 1930 at the New York Auto Show, a 452-cid, 185-hp marvel. It had been developed for a specific market, "The Four Hundred," the wealthiest members of society. Designed for quiet operation and smooth acceleration, the V16 also offered sufficient power for the increasingly large and grandiose cars the well heeled were commissioning at the onset of the Depression. By April of that year, 1,000 V16s had already shipped and another 1,000 were out the door by June. An instant commercial success, 3,878 Cadillac V16s were built over its seven-year production run, and if you count the flathead sixteens built in 1938-1940, that number increases to 4,386. However, by 1932, declining demand resulted in the V16 being available only as a special order and just 300 cars were sold. Only 126 were built the following year, as the Depression raged and the market for these cars turned as dry as the Oklahoma dustbowl. Many would-be V16 Cadillac buyers were either forced to join the soup lines or, if able to maintain their wealth, hunker down and abstain from flaunting their fortunes. All the high-end automakers were hit hard in the 1930s and the majority did not survive. Cadillac was fortunate to have General Motors' deep pockets to see it through.
Fun fact:  In 1933, Cadillac gave the V16 a separate visual identity for the first time, with horizontal hood-vent spears and matching chrome trim on skirted fenders. Also unique were massive four-bar bumpers, chrome wheel covers with spinner caps, and striking multi-coned art deco horns. Fender edges were highlighted with stainless trim and the headlights and marker lights were painted for the first time. Cadillac was so confident that the new look would be successful that it advertised production would be limited to "just 400" in 1933. In fact, only 126 were built. Of those, just two were the striking Style 5585 Convertible Victorias, designed by Fleetwood.


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