Show Us Your Pets                                            
"Just sittin here, lookin cute!" - General Mars
"We love playing in the snow!" - Franklin

"It's not every day you see a cat asking for belly rubs!" - Gray

"Fig being a pig" - Fig
"I love cuddling and watching the snow from the windows" - Otis
"Life is ruff when you're this cute!" - Hazel
"Snug as a bug in a rug" - Binx
"Nearsighted Freddy watching Happy Days on TV" - Freddy
"Cuter than Cupid!" - Buddy
"I turn 15 this Spring and I enjoy belly rubs, tuna, and car rides!" - Angel
"Getting Cozy" - Alice
"In his natural state: Grumpy" - Tiger
"Kneel before your king" - Pudge
"Vogue" - Lady Eleanor
"I am cute and I know it!" - Wanda
"I’m feline fine today, how are you?" - Albert
" 'Working' from home" - Mollie and Samantha
"Zuko always let's us know when he wants attention"
"I love long walks, pup cups, Squeak toys and cuddling" - Mac